NYC And Intense Emotions

Whoa!  Life is abundant!

Here’s a check in on the latest –

I’m traveling to NYC once a month.  I’m in a program to become a certified orgasmic meditation coach.  It’s really awesome – very deep work.  And I love that it’s taking me to the East Coast so often.  The immersions happen over Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I’ve been going in a week early or staying a week late to meet with people.

Things at home in Vegas are great!  I’ve allowed myself to experience some very powerful emotions for the first time in my life.  Feelings of love, loss, anger, frustration and reconciliation with intensity that I was always afraid to face – until now.  It’s been an amazing journey.

In May and June I held several classes on the topics of masturbation and pussy massage.  Those were super fun!

That’s it for now.  Hope you have a very sexy day:)

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