I am creating new footage and I need video volunteers.

When: Monday December 30th 10am-6pm

Where: My place near Flamingo and Decatur

Volunteers will get membership to http://NikkisLessons.com for the lifetime of the website as well as free coaching from me if desired (I normally charge $300 an hour). I’m also happy to share footage with you if you can use it.

Volunteers need to be 18 or over and you will be required to sign a release and take a pic with your ID for my private records.

I prefer to be able to show your face on video but it is not a necessity. If I get a great number of people who are interested in participating then the ones willing to show their face will get priority consideration.

I would like to schedule 1-on-1 sessions back to back every 30/45/60 minutes (depending on the participant). If there is enough interest I would like to have a jack and jill off circle on camera as well.

The time frame listed is tentative – If enough people would like to participate but would like to meet later then I can adjust the schedule accordingly.

The focus of the shoot on Monday is masturbation. My focus is 2 fold

  • helping people overcome common sexual dysfunctions. So if you have a difficult time becoming aroused, achieving (or postponing) climax or experience pain during intercourse I would love to gift some time to you while we record.
  • helping people expand their sexual pleasure. Even if you think you know every thing there is to know about getting yourself off there is a good chance that there are new and different things you could try that would expand your experience of pleasure. If you do something during solo sex that helps you experience more pleasure and would like to share please let me know. If you don’t think you have any “dysfunctions” but want to learn something new you are welcome as well.

If you are interested please email me with your name, phone number and the time frames I can call you.

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