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Normally I’m more dominant than the people I am with but for some clients I become submissive. I’ve never advertised as a pro sub because my ex girlfriend did and she had some extreme experiences. It’s a lot to trust someone with your well being.

Once I’ve seen a client a few times and they know my boundaries and I’m comfortable with them we can play in the space of me being submissive.

This is a story about a session with one of those clients. I start by waiting for him on my knees to begin the session with a blowjob. That is followed by a full body sensual massage and then another blowjob that is more like worship for his happy ending.


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Following is the transcription of that video.


hi I’m Nikki the Las Vegas masseuse here and I want to talk about one client I

have that actually is dominant toward me now most of the time I am dominant if

there’s any power exchange it’s me who’s dominating you but in some cases the

tables are turned and that can be fun too and this particular client friend he

does this thing where he wants me basically to be on my knees naked ready

to suck his dick when he walks in the door and it’s like it’s fun to play in that

space of just being subservient and used and objectified there’s something really

erotic about that and surrendering and I get it because usually I’m in the place

of taking control and I’m with people who are in really stressful life

situations they’re you know the CEOs and CFOs and sales team managers and and

this and that and then there’s it’s nice to go into a session where you’re able

to let someone else take the reins lead the way you know you can trust them so I

get it and for the few clients that I have that are dominant and we’ve met

several times that is what I get to do with them

is actually you know surrender submit to them and they know my boundaries and

just really service them and worship them do cock worship and ball worship

and ass worship and oh it’s so much worship and oral and saliva and get all

messy and so what we do is like he cums once when he first

arrives and then we go on the massage table and I do a full-body massage so I

am one of those few girls that can actually do a really good massage on

top of everything else and we do like a really it’s borderline deep tissue but

it’s like a Swedish style but with like really deep pressure to help all the

muscles open up and release very deeply and completely and so I do that on his

whole body and then I finish off with a whole nother round of worshipping and I

start with the ass-licking and then when he’s ready to turn over I go on with the

cock sucking and then usually a lot sometimes he’ll come with me

like sucking on his testicles and looking at him while he’s jacking off in

my face and that’s like another just like a dominating thing we’re just like

going down here I’m getting jacked off in my face but it’s like so hot

because it’s it’s just totally different so just want to let you know sometimes I am on the

submissive side of the spectrum all right make it a sexy day

Please do let me know if you are in Las Vegas or coming to Las Vegas and would like to experience a full body sensual massage (FBSM), a girlfriend experience (GFE), receive oral from me (bbbj), or cock worship, ball worship, and rimming. We can go super slow and sensual using tantric massage techniques. I can come to you (outcall, in room massage) or you can come to me (incall).

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Make it a sexy day!
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