I Don’t Know Why Older Men Turn Me On

This is one of the kinks I have that surprise a lot of people. I really mean older like 60+. These are some of the reasons:

  • they know what they want
  • they are usually very respectful
  • they know how to communicate
  • they know value when they receive it
  • I love making them happy
  • I love seeing them squirm (with pleasure)
  • I enjoy learning new things

Here is why older men like me:

  • I know how to carry on an intelligent conversation or just be peaceful
  • I am good at taking directions
  • I am very familiar with aches and pains that come with aging and know how to make them feel better
  • I am flexible in my treatment – side lying, spending extra time in certain areas, avoiding others
  • I can provide some fetishes to them for more wild/extreme sessions if that’s what they need to feel better
  • I know how to keep an appointment
  • I don’t upsell
  • I stay the whole time of the scheduled appointment

So those are my ideas. Opinions? Comments?

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