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Nikki Ivana, tantra, tantrika, dominatrix, prostate massage, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975Last week, I had a super hot session where I got to pop some cherries!


We started the session with some back massage, but he was really eager to touch me as well and not really able to relax and receive, so we switched positions.  We sat on the bed face to face, caressing and kissing each other.  His cock quickly got rock hard, and I knew it needed attention!


He leaned back, and I got in between his legs so I could lick and suck on his cock.  We started with some dirty talk that had me calling him daddy and him calling me a hot milf.  We both talked about how hot it was that I was being such a dirty girl doing so many nasty hot things to him as I was worshipping his cock and testicles. 


We changed positions to have him sitting on the edge of the bed with me sitting in front of him so I could continue to suck his cock more and give my neck a little break.  I kept sucking and licking and worshipping him until the intensity relaxed a little bit, and we could get back to some massage.


I asked him if he enjoyed anal stimulation, and he shared that he had never had it before and that he was interested.  I had him lie down, and first, I started with some anal licking, using my mouth and tongue on his rosebud and up and down the length of his ass crack.  He really liked that, so I got the gloves and lube and massaged the entire area to prepare for penetration.  It turned out his body did not want penetration, but it did want more licking!  I was happy to do that for him some more.  


Next, I had him turn onto his back to give him some cock massage.  He was so turned on and fully aroused that he was experiencing amazing waves of pleasure.  These waves were moving up and down his body, causing him to experience what we call kryas in tantra.  This is when energy (possibly kundalini energy) moves up and down your spine.  It is extremely pleasurable.  Once I saw how energetically sensitive he was, I decided to play with it a bit.


I put one hand on his heart (chakra) and kept stroking his cock (lingam) with my other one.  First, I visualized energy coming up from his root and his cock and running all the way up to his heart to connect the two.  He experienced a big peak, and as he was entering the bliss state of being on the edge of orgasm, I encouraged him to breathe and relax and let the pleasure move all around his entire body rather than being completely focused on his cock.  


After riding the wave of that peak, we started building again, and this time to add to the intensity, I visualized energy coming in through my crown chakra, down through my central channel, out through my root and into his, up into and through his central channel, picking up the creative erotic energy of my strokes on his cock, and continuing up through to exit him through his crown and coming back into me.  By visualizing this energy and breathing along with it, he had another huge peak of pleasure.  


I asked him if he would like to ejaculate, and he was very surprised that he didn’t ejaculate because he had felt like he had a complete orgasm.  I explained that he had an energetic orgasm and that orgasm and ejaculation are not necessarily tied together.  He could try ejaculating, or he could be happy with the experience that we had and save the energy that would be lost through ejaculation.  I shared about how some people practice semen retention, and he had just experienced it naturally.  That since he didn’t ejaculate, he would have more energy for the rest of the evening.  


He decided to leave it where it was and spend the last 10 minutes of our time together getting a really nice foot massage.


Please do let me know if you are in Las Vegas or coming to Las Vegas and would like to experience:

  • full body sensual massage (FBSM)
  • Tantra (lingam, yoni, and sacred spot massage)
  • prostate massage
  • a girlfriend experience (GFE)
  • strap-on/pegging
  • receive oral from me (BBBJ) aka cock worship and/or rimming (DATO)
  • lick my pussy (DATY)
  • play with sensation and explore fetishes
    • light bondage
    • facesitting
    • kinky massage/bondassage
    • FemDom
    • role play
    • spanking
    • impact play
    • water sports
    • feminization
    • CBT

We can go super slow and sensual using tantric techniques or have more enthusiastic, aggressive, and even rough sex.

I can come to you (outcall, in-room massage), or you can come to me (incall).

You can find all my rates at Las Vegas Masseuse – Therapeutic, Sensual and Kinky

Make it a sexy day!
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