Las Vegas MasseuseWe have a Christmas tree up in the studio and it’s very nice in there!  We love being at our new location and every one who’s seen it loves it too.

I hope you enjoy our new holiday rates!  Things have been up and down financially for people so Telly and I wanted to offer some services at lower price points.  We love giving good service and when we go too long without a session we get a little cranky.  Telly even got ahold of the video camera yesterday and made a Christmas masturbation video!

I have been blessed with some awesome appointments this week that I just had to share!  A mature gent from the East Coast who wanted me to massage him wearing a skirt and pantyhose.  He felt up my skirt…  like he was sneaking it.  Hot!  I gave him a sensual treatment with lots of anal stimulation with both my fingers and my mouth.  I was on my monthly cycle and to work around it he played with my ass.  I got up on the massage table on my knees with my ass up and my face down.  He finger banged my ass while I played with my clit and had a fantastic orgasm.

Telly and I met with a client for a 2 girl appointment.  We gave him a sensual massage.  I licked his ass while he played with hers.  She got on top of his rock hard cock and rode it to orgasm.  He was still hard so I made her get off and I got on!  I rode him for awhile until he told me he wanted to be in my ass.  I had Telly lube up and finger my ass and then lube his cock up.  I took my time getting my ass to relax and take in his cock while still sitting on top of him in the cowgirl position.  Once it was in and I was able to take full stokes he pumped up into me until I squirted all over his belly!  Then he wanted to finish by cumming on Telly’s face and so that’s what we did – I grabbed ahold of her hair and held her head in place while she held her mouth open.  He alternately jacked his cock and thrust into her mouth jabbing the head of his cock against her tongue until he came all over her face and his belly.

Last week was a great week for video editing!  The week before that the rodeo was in town and Telly and I were inspired to do some cowboy role play.  I finished the section where we make out and I have the voice over version giving tips and tricks for a hotter make out session on the same webpage right below it.

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