Cross Dressing Fantasy Appointment

I am so grateful I like kink – it makes life much more interesting!

I had the opportunity to role play. His fantasy is to be be a woman who gets seduced by another woman. Guess who got to be the seductress!! I’ve had plenty of fantasies of seducing women so this was super fun to act out. He got dressed up and transformed into my friend who was coming over to go shopping. She knocked and I answered the door and the play began. We sat talking on the couch about where we would go shopping and I suggested some lingerie stores. I told her I had taken other girlfriends with me there. I was playing with her hair while we talked. As we began talking about lingerie I began running my fingers up and down her torso. I suggested we also go to a sex toy store as I put my hand up her skirt and check to see how wet she was. She was ready for more!

I guided her hand to touch my breast. I pulled my dress down exposing the nipple and guided her mouth to it. While her mouth was busy with my titties I pulled her hand down and up under my dress to feel my pussy. I was ready for more too! I asked if she had ever seen another woman’s pussy up close because I wanted to show her mine. She said no but she would like to see. I pulled the massage table close to the couch. I slipped off my underwear leaving on my high heels, thigh highs and garters. I sat on the edge of the table right in front of her, placed one foot on each side of her on the couch, lifted my dress so my pussy was right in front of her face. I began playing with myself, showing her the different parts of my pussy. She asked if she could touch. I took her hand and dipped her finger into the wettest part of my pussy then put it against my clit so she could explore. As she began to become more rythmic I had her switch and use her thumb… I like it better from the pad of the finger. She asked if I could eat her pussy. We switched places and with her sitting on the edge of the table I pulled her panties to the side and began working on her clit.

We moved to the bed. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her woman to woman or man to woman since I had a strap on. She said she’d like to try the strap on if it wasn’t too big for her tight pussy. I took off my dress leaving on my shelf bra and thigh highs. I put on my harness and selected my smallest dildo to put the condom on and slide into place on the harness. I laid back and told her to show me how she blows her husband. It was very hot! Soon she was ready for me. First I took her bent over the edge of the bed. Then I took her doggy style on the bed. Last we did it missionary.

She asked if she could taste my pussy. Slipping off the strap on I said of course and I laid back as she got the dental dam and went to town on my pussy. She wanted to see me squirt. While I stayed on my back working my pussy she stood next to my head and I sucked on her clit. She couldn’t wait… She squirted all over my neck and chest!

Oh too much fun!



Make sure to let me know if you have special requests for your appointment – to act out a specific scenario, to wear certain clothing, etc. No, I do not think you’re gay if you like to cross dress – I think it’s kinky. And erotic. Just let me know – what is your attitude during a cross dressing experience? Are you a man enjoying the feel of the clothes? Or are you taking on a female persona for the moment as well?