Asshole Massage

I give a terrific asshole massage – I mean your anus, not your personality!!! Hahahaha!

For many of my clients I provide their first anal experience. I know how to do it and I can teach it too!

I don’t force my clients to get one but if they are so inclined then it is a highlight of my service.
From rosebud to prostate it is one of the most thorough and fulfilling experiences you will have.

I use lots of lube – olive oil to be exact – and I only stretch you to your limit, pushing in more and more lube as I go.

For clients who really enjoy this treatment I recommend they train themselves with an anal plug. The sphincter is like other muscles and can be stretched to go further. If you are stretchy enough you can accommodate more penetration which makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns:)

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