Ahhh The Pleasures of the Flesh

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I have had several really awesome appointments in the last week! Been keeping so busy I barely have time to write! So here are the upcoming stories:

  1. He just wanted companionship and intimacy – not a massage.
  2. He wanted a massage with the works and boy was he surprised and pleased to have his first anal experience.
  3. A 90 minute massage becomes a 4 handed topless massage on the second appointment.
  4. He’d tried strap on play before but wanted it from a pro.

1. He just wanted companionship and intimacy – not a massage.

That was fine with me:) We got to his room and talked a bit. He asked if I’d like to watch some porn and I of course said yes. He put on this big girl porn and even though she was very large it was hot! We were sitting side by side on the couch fondling each other. I commented on how large the cock was in the porn and he said his was big too do I want to see it. I said yes please. Take off your pants. He removed his pants and underwear and wow he did have a nice cock! He sat back down and I stroked it gently to tease him – we had 2 hours together and I wanted to make it last.

He undressed my top and bra kissing and licking away. Then he was ready to go to the bed. We stood up and looking at ourselves in the mirror he stood behind me and reached around caressing my body and holding me while he stood there grinding his cock against my ass. He’d had a few special requests on what I wore – I had on a skirt, nylons and panties. He pulled my skirt up and rubbed his whole body against my legs, ass and pussy. It felt so good! He started licking me through the nylons and panties and it was awesome to feel him straining to get at me.

Finally he couldn’t take it any more and pulled off the nylons. Holding the crotch of my panties to the side he stabbed away with his thick hot tongue. He moved me to a chair and got on the floor in front of me and licked away. I held my panties to the side for him and alternated between wrapping my legs around his head and pulling his face in harder and resting my feet on his shoulders so I could open up my thighs as far as possible giving him total access.

He was ready to fuck. We went back to the bed. Putting on a condom, he got on top of me in between my legs. I was so ready he was able to push his cock in quickly with out it hurting. And he did a good job of filling me up. He took my legs and straightened them out and held them together in front of him making my pussy even more snug on his thrusting cock.

Letting my legs fall open he leaned over to lay his head on my chest. I reached down with my right hand and rubbed on my clit in firm circles. This is how we came.

We snuggled and rested. We got frisky again and he asked me to put my back to him and play with my ass. So I did and it got me so hot knowing he was stroking himself getting all worked up watching me jiggle my ass and dip my finger in and out of my little asshole. I was ready for another orgasm! We lay side by side and I masturbated bringing myself to the brink and then asked him to stick his fingers in my pussy so he could feel me cum on them. It was awesome! As I lay there catching my breath he rolled onto his stomache and I held his head against my breast as he masturbated and came one more time.

I was very happy.


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