A Personal Update

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I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to share this and I think being direct is best.

I had surgery on 11/16/2020 to remove my breast implants. I had gotten implants in 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed them until the Tuesday morning after Labor Day weekend when I woke up, and my right breast had swollen up significantly larger than my left. Turns out the implants I had were recalled; people were having reactions and sometimes cancer. I went through the entire process of my first mammogram, getting tested for cancer, and getting them removed since then.  All the cancer tests came back negative.

Today is 3 weeks post-surgery.  This was a very invasive surgery and my restrictions are many.  I still can’t drive, cook, or clean.  No sex!  It’s wild.  No physical work until late January.  Luckily I was able to save up enough money for surgery and the time off work.  Now I’m focusing on recovering while I work on school and my life coaching business.  I’m grateful I’m able to take notes and type!

I am a bit concerned about how this will affect my escort business.  My titties were so pretty!!!  Now… they are interesting.  They will keep changing as I heal over the course of a year.  My hope is that they look good enough that I don’t want more surgery.  I’m leaning against getting more implants if at all possible.  I don’t want to go through this again.

So – we will see how it goes.  As soon as I’m up and around I’ll get a sexy bra and take some new pictures.  And we will have fun again!  I just might not want to take my bra off…


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