2 Sessions From Different Ends Of The Spectrum

I had a new client. He lives here in Vegas but said we couldn’t use his house cause there were too many people. I thought “ok, weird but let’s see how this works out”.

So I meet him at the Plaza. He gets a room which takes like 20 minutes. We go up to the room and I set up the table. He turns on the TV immediately. I thought it came on by itself – that’s how fast he did it. He gets on the table and almost immediately asks if I’ll take off my shirt. I say no, I need to keep my clothes on. I’m sure I mentioned this in one of our many texts back and forth. Then he asks if I can take my pants off and again I have to say no.

What was tough was he was talking really quiet and I was totally distracted by the TV. So eventually he quieted down and I finished the massage.

Just weird.

Then I had an appointment with one of my favorite clients. He is an older gentleman from the UK. He is really nice! We have a great rapport. I only had an hour with him instead of his usual 90 minutes so I just focused on his back, legs, belly and groin. He really does need help in the groin area because of tight tendons. And because of the sensual nature of this area it always produces an awesome orgasm for him.

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