Super Hot Blow Job & Titty Fucking With The Las Vegas Masseuse

We were both very excited to see each other.  We had been trying to meet up for a while, and the scheduling just wouldn’t work out. When he opened the door, he opened his arms up to greet me with a hug and a sweet French-kiss. He offered me something to drink, but I could tell his mind was on our connection. We went into the living room, and he got naked. I got on my knees in front of him and put my mouth and face near his inner thighs smelling him and letting him feel my breath. His cock was already rock hard.

I began licking his testicles giving them a very thorough tongue bath. When neither one of us could stand it any longer, I started to run my tongue up the underside of his cock, and when I got to the head, I took it into my mouth and enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my mouth. His cock is a little bit thicker than normal, and I was grateful that my jaws could open up to take him as deeply as I did. I slowly began to explore his cock with my tongue, alternating between bobbing my head up-and-down taking him in deeper and deeper with each bob and swirling my tongue around the tip. When I felt he was coming close to climax, I switched back to licking his testicles and perineum.

I stopped licking him and sucking on him long enough to take off my dress and bra. Taking him my mouth again, I went as deep as I could, triggering a flow of saliva.  It quickly became a very sloppy wet blow job. Straightening up I took my breasts, one in each hand, and wrapped them around the shaft of his cock. Slowly at first, I moved my torso up-and-down feeling his cock against my breasts and chest. He told me he felt like that was going to make him cum. I said to him that I couldn’t wait to taste his cum and began sucking on his cock even more enthusiastically. I used the saliva to massage his testicles and perineal area with one hand while I stroked his shaft with my other hand almost as if it was an extension of my mouth.

It wasn’t long until he reached climax, his entire body stiffening up. I kept my mouth on the head of his cock as I stroked the shaft making sure not to let any fall and make a mess.

Please do let me know if you are in Las Vegas or coming to Las Vegas and would like to experience a full body sensual massage (FBSM), a girlfriend experience (GFE), receive oral from me (bbbj), or cock worship worship. We can go super slow and sensual using tantric massage techniques. I can come to you (outcall, in room massage) or you can come to me (incall).

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Make it a sexy day!
Nikki The Las Vegas Masseuse
7022361975 (text is best – at least at first)

Las Vegas Masseuse | BBBJ, bodyrub, BBBJ | Pro Sub? | Check In Part 5 of 8

Normally I’m more dominant than the people I am with but for some clients I become submissive. I’ve never advertised as a pro sub because my ex girlfriend did and she had some extreme experiences. It’s a lot to trust someone with your well being.

Once I’ve seen a client a few times and they know my boundaries and I’m comfortable with them we can play in the space of me being submissive.

This is a story about a session with one of those clients. I start by waiting for him on my knees to begin the session with a blowjob. That is followed by a full body sensual massage and then another blowjob that is more like worship for his happy ending.


Video Coming Soon


Following is the transcription of that video.


hi I’m Nikki the Las Vegas masseuse here and I want to talk about one client I

have that actually is dominant toward me now most of the time I am dominant if

there’s any power exchange it’s me who’s dominating you but in some cases the

tables are turned and that can be fun too and this particular client friend he

does this thing where he wants me basically to be on my knees naked ready

to suck his dick when he walks in the door and it’s like it’s fun to play in that

space of just being subservient and used and objectified there’s something really

erotic about that and surrendering and I get it because usually I’m in the place

of taking control and I’m with people who are in really stressful life

situations they’re you know the CEOs and CFOs and sales team managers and and

this and that and then there’s it’s nice to go into a session where you’re able

to let someone else take the reins lead the way you know you can trust them so I

get it and for the few clients that I have that are dominant and we’ve met

several times that is what I get to do with them

is actually you know surrender submit to them and they know my boundaries and

just really service them and worship them do cock worship and ball worship

and ass worship and oh it’s so much worship and oral and saliva and get all

messy and so what we do is like he cums once when he first

arrives and then we go on the massage table and I do a full-body massage so I

am one of those few girls that can actually do a really good massage on

top of everything else and we do like a really it’s borderline deep tissue but

it’s like a Swedish style but with like really deep pressure to help all the

muscles open up and release very deeply and completely and so I do that on his

whole body and then I finish off with a whole nother round of worshipping and I

start with the ass-licking and then when he’s ready to turn over I go on with the

cock sucking and then usually a lot sometimes he’ll come with me

like sucking on his testicles and looking at him while he’s jacking off in

my face and that’s like another just like a dominating thing we’re just like

going down here I’m getting jacked off in my face but it’s like so hot

because it’s it’s just totally different so just want to let you know sometimes I am on the

submissive side of the spectrum all right make it a sexy day

Please do let me know if you are in Las Vegas or coming to Las Vegas and would like to experience a full body sensual massage (FBSM), a girlfriend experience (GFE), receive oral from me (bbbj), or cock worship, ball worship, and rimming. We can go super slow and sensual using tantric massage techniques. I can come to you (outcall, in room massage) or you can come to me (incall).

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Make it a sexy day!
Nikki The Las Vegas Masseuse
7022361975 (text is best – at least at first)

Las Vegas Masseuse | Complete Relaxation and Cuddling | Check In Part 4 of 8

I love it that I can help people feel completely and totally relaxed during our sessions. Sometimes clients even fall asleep! I consider this an honor because it means they are super relaxed and also they feel safe with me.

Cuddling is definitely something I love to do and sometimes it is exactly what is needed.

Here is the video transcript:

hi Nikki the Las Vegas masseuse and this is part I think three just telling some

sexy stories what’s been going on for the past couple of weeks and I will say

I actually sometimes people fall asleep in sessions and I actually consider that

an honor and it happens in different under different circumstances like

sometimes it’ll happen during massage that someone will fall asleep right on

the table as I’m massaging them and so I do keep massaging but I try to keep it

very even and rhythmic so that I don’t make them up I have one client who loves

my blowjobs so much he says it’s the most relaxing thing he has in his life

is to come get a blowjob from me so he actually is able to relax enough to take

a catnap while I’m giving him a blowjob so that’s interesting I know a

lot of people would maybe take that the other way like it’s not good not a good

blowjob if you could sleep through it but he stays hard

he’s definitely enjoying it and he’s just able to relax completely and then

this other this past session where someone took a little nap it’s like

someone that I’ve been seeing for a few years and we had our sexy time and you

know I know you’re tired when you’re traveling and a lot of people are

dealing with jetlag and it was so nice after sex to just cuddle and he like

fell out he’s snoring and everything and I just I feel really honored by that I

feel like it’s a huge level of trust and vulnerability and I’m happy to hold that

space and whether I’m just staying awake and cuddling you or I set an

alarm and I let myself rest as well that’s that’s fine because sometimes

that’s what we need is that touch even while we’re resting so that’s what I

want to say about that about sleeping during sessions all right I need to make

another video keep keep clicking

Please do let me know if you are in Las Vegas or coming to Las Vegas and would like to experience a full body sensual massage (FBSM) and/or a prostate massage (aka male g-spot, male sacred spot), a girlfriend experience (GFE), give me oral sex (DATY), receive oral from me (bbbj). We can do prostate milking and also go super slow and sensual using tantric massage techniques. I can come to you (outcall, in room massage) or you can come to me (incall).

Please take a moment to look at all of my offerings at

Make it a sexy day!
Nikki The Las Vegas Masseuse
7022361975 (text is best – at least at first)

Las Vegas Masseuse – Pro Dom session story – Check In Part 2 of 8


Video Coming Soon


Following is the transcription of that video.


hi Nikki the Las Vegas masseuse and I have a whole bunch of sexy stories to

share with you I was I was just trying to make some notes what I wanted to say

and I’m like oh my gosh I’ve had a lot of really hot sessions you can tell there’s

like all these notes are all about different sessions and all the things

that I’ve done and I want to talk about and and let you know that I offer and I

enjoy so I’m just gonna go down the list you’re welcome to watch this

at an increased speed I don’t know if you know you can do that on YouTube but

on the upper right hand corner there’s three little dots and you can click on

those dots and you can change the playback speed so if you feel like you

could listen to me faster just change the playback speed I will not be upset I

do that all the time it lets me watch a lot more videos then

I could otherwise so alright so I’m gonna get started with all my sexy

experiences the last couple of weeks and that will explain why I haven’t had a check in

in a couple of weeks too so first of all I had this one meet with a friend /

client and he requested classy high heels and I was so excited because I

haven’t really gotten any new high heels in a long time and also I knew that if

he’s asking for nice high heels he would notice if they were really nice or if

they were worn so I wanted to get some new heels and so these are the heels I

bought mmm they were very sexy but it’s kind of a funny story because some of

you know I have like little hip issues so I was like I know I could walk in

these I’m strong enough now but it will hurt a little bit so I had to take some shots

before I went up to the room but it was fine it all worked out

then we went up and we took a shower together

that was really nice and we washed each other got all sudsy and cleaned all our

cracks and crevices and then we went to the bed and played and did a lot

of oral a lot of licking everywhere genital anal area and just teasing and

playing and then we did some golden showers I know not everybody’s into that

kind of thing but some people are and I did do that with him and so the way I

like to do that is putting the receiver well we can do it on the bed and

especially if you like like a human toilet play then that’s awesome that’s

really intense for me it’s a really intense level of intimacy for both of us

and you can let me know whether you just like the sensation if you like the

intimacy or if you also like humiliation and degradation because then I’ll work

that into my verbage of what you know the dirty talk that I do you while we’re

having our sexy time so we did do I can’t remember if we did some on the bed

or if we only did in the in the bathroom but the way I like to do golden

showers is just to have the receiver go in the bath or the shower and that way

it’s not a big mess but a lot of times people don’t care about the mess anyway

so I’m gonna actually break these up into several different videos because I

know it can it can be a lot to handle and also I want to have it specific to

you and your preferences cuz maybe you won’t click on this video if you’re not

into golden showers but you might be into another one so there you go

alright see you on the next part

Please do let me know if you are in Las Vegas or coming to Las Vegas and would like to experience an intimate session where we shower together, I give you golden showers and more.  I can come to you (outcall, in room massage) or you can come to me (incall).

Please take a moment to look at all of my offerings at

Make it a sexy day!

Nikki The Las Vegas Masseuse

Las Vegas Masseuse Check In Part 1 of 8

Following is the transcript


Nikki the Las Vegas masseuse here and
I haven’t made a check-in video for a

while so I just wanted to catch you guys
all up on what’s been going on

basically school has been in full swing
for my kid and that takes up a lot of my

time and attention
she went into ninth grade and I have

been working out and eating well and my
body is making really good strides I’m

actually really proud of that I don’t
want to get too small I want to keep my

curves but I definitely also want to be
healthy so I’ve lost like since I came

back from Hawaii in May I have released
over 20 pounds so I’m just like yay and

it actually feels good in my body and
every other day three days a week I’m

going and seeing my personal trainer so
my strength is getting better and my hip

is not in pain I’m in different
different kind of pain like the kind of

pain you get from working out so that’s
that’s a whole nother ballgame and I

started in order to deal with that I
started taking ice baths so I get like

50 pounds of ice from the ice machine
across the street and I come home and

put it in the bath and it takes so much
ice because the water coming out of the

wall is not cold
of course because it’s the end of summer

so hopefully as the temperatures drop I
won’t need to buy so much ice and it’s

funny though because the cost of the ice
I’m like this is what I used to pay to

smoke you know when I was a smoker back
in the day so I am not too upset about

that it’s
definitely worth it because it helps me

recover but it is it is crazy getting in
an ice cold bath yeah but it’s worth it

because otherwise I’m just way way way
way more sore than that

so what else my webcaming adventure is
very interesting it’s kind of like a lot

of start and stop because my priority is
meeting with people for massages and

more and that’s been going beautifully
and so I have to you know just do the

webcamming when I can plus I do it with
my boyfriend so if he has work then it

gets put off so I’m not very consistent
and all the suggestions say to be really

consistent when you’re doing webcaming
I’m just like I just I’m not there it’s

like I have to juggle two
different or three different jobs or

businesses so I’m getting on when I can
and all there’s a link to that on the

Las Vegas masseuse website so if you
want to follow me on Chaturbate you can

those shows are a lot of fun and I’m
usually on with my boyfriend but

sometimes I do go on on my own so I’ll
make sure to put that link on my website

what else
I set a really big goal for myself and

and this is the thing like have you ever
had a time in your life where you felt

kind of like blah or directionless or
there was just like so many things up in

the air well that’s what’s been going on
for me and some of you know the story

behind the scenes and so I have like
an ongoing issue that keeps being

dragged out so I don’t know what the
future holds I really have to be in

position to just go with the flow and
the last thing was – last time it got

extended through to November 27th and
it’s just like I can’t go almost two

months with like this like just blah
just doing the daily grind

so I decided that I want to take a
staycation with my kid and I want to do

that the week of Thanksgiving because
now these kids get a whole week off for

Thanksgiving I don’t understand that and
so I made a big dollar amount goal that

if I make that if I make a certain
amount we’ll go on the vacation if I

make the full goal then we’ll get lots
of extras and ever since I did that

I’ve been like really motivated and
excited and oddly enough it’s just like

all these calls have been coming in I’ve
been busier than ever I’m actually

almost 25% to my goal already in the
first week and I gave myself six weeks

to get it so I don’t know I might have
to reset the goal higher at some point I

just wanted to feel really good going
into taking time off number one and

number two going into the holidays
because I I love what I do and I hate

doing it like stressed out and needy I
like to be more relaxed and focusing on

the moment not worried about bills hello
right so that’s what’s been going on in

my personal life just getting oh I got
my nails done which I I don’t know if

you guys are interested in this or not
but they’re like super special and cute

let’s see the focus okay there we go
isn’t that like amazing they have these

stickers trying to get the camera to
focus here no look

well you get the idea they have these
stickers and it’s like so fun for me and

I feel like with what I do I I really
enjoy being professional looking the

part but to do something fun on my nails
is like a little you know well fun so

what else I’m gonna do a photo shoot
next week and

show off my new smaller waist and some
stuff I’m excited about that that’s

about it I just I’m gonna make another
video that I’m going to post on my site

like I’m trying to be careful not to get
this website or this channel shut down

because I was talking about all the
naughty things and just publicly with no

age restriction so now I’m gonna make
another video that’s going to go a

little bit into detail about some of the
hot erotic experiences I’ve had over

this past week with items like prostate
massage and what else did I do going out

to a swingers club with a client

anilingus oral cock worship squirting
lots of fun stuff and what else

strap-on play pegging and yeah I guess
that kind of covers the gamut also

working with people who are older more
mature or senior men and some people who

have had different issues with their
prostate like prostate cancer so working

with people that can’t get an erection
medically for medical reasons and just

exploring and opening up their body and
exploring in an open-minded way to see

what does feel good what is pleasurable
and what kind of sensual tantric

experience can we have when we’re doing
when we’re playing together so that’s

gonna be on my website go ahead and
check it out

alright make it a sexy day

Please do let me know if you are in Las Vegas or coming to Las Vegas and would like to experience a full body sensual massage (FBSM) and/or a prostate massage (aka male g-spot, male sacred spot). We can do prostate milking and also go super slow and sensual using tantric massage techniques. I can come to you (outcall, in room massage) or you can come to me (incall).

Please take a moment to look at all of my offerings at

Make it a sexy day!

Nikki The Las Vegas Masseuse

Las Vegas escort client verification process

Following is the transcript of the video:

The provider is most likely going to want to verify you this is for her safety

and let me tell you legal problems are a bitch like legal issues are to be avoided like the plague

so the girl most likely if she’s asking you for any work information she’s most likely doing that to verify that you are not with law enforcement

I don’t generally ask for that unless I feel any strangeness is happening or if you’re addressing me in certain ways or you’re being like oddly specific for what
you’re asking for excuse me and how much you want to pay for it

to me those are red flags and I will require more verification

what I usually ask for is a reference from another provider so

basically this is like if you’ve seen someone in the past you just let her know

ask her if you can use her as a reference she’ll say yes or no obviously

usually we say yes because that’s something that we do as a courtesy for each other to help each other stay safe

so I’m and I’m always happy to be a reference for my clients as well so once you’ve seen me if you want to see someone else and they ask you for a reference from another provider you just tell her what to tell me so I recognize who you are

I say yeah you were fine or if you had any quirks or kinks I might talk about that but basically that you were safe and everything went well that is that is what she needs to know from me
and if I’m asking you for a reference from another provider that’s what I need

if you are new to this or maybe you don’t have your providers information

this is another thing that’s happening is a lot of providers now you can’t find them because so many things are shut down well then I’m going to need some other kind of verification who you are and

here are some things that help me with that verification

messaging me through Facebook
putting down a deposit and
giving me your hotel information

now this is very important if you want me to visit you in your hotel I require your hotel information because I need another secondary way to get ahold of you in the event there’s a cellphone problem that I can still call you through your room and

for that I do need your full name and this is the name that you check in under this is another reason why it’s a good verification tool is because the front desk will use your ID to verify you are who you are when you check-in so

that’s why it’s a good verification tool for me that I know that you’re telling me the truth and you are who you say you are and I’m able to verify that with the hotel operator so that’s why it works as verification as well

now let’s say you’re local to Las Vegas or you don’t want to do that you don’t feel comfortable doing that I might be open to meeting with you first for coffee or tea or a drink this all depends completely on how busy my schedule is if I can afford to take the time to take the risk to meet with someone that I don’t know who they are in a public place

then I will and that way I can see you with my own two eyes lay my own eyes on you and determine for myself whether I feel good about meeting with you or not

this also helps me to know that you’re not with a law enforcement because I don’t think that someone who is trying to bust a whole bunch of providers is going to be taking the time to meet with
a bunch of people for coffee and drinks

I could be wrong but that is my guess also I I want to know that I feel safe with you especially bringing you into my home I do live where I work so I do just like to take that extra precaution to make sure that everything feels good this is for my safety and for yours

alright so those are all of the safety issues that I could think of for seeing a provider

there’s some other things to consider but that is the basics and that is my process for when you call me or text me looking for an appointment all right make it a sexy day

If you are interested in talking please text me at 7022361975 and we can schedule a time to talk on the phone.

Happy Anal August from the Las Vegas Masseuse!

Nikki Ivana, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

Nikki Ivana, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

anal massage, prostate massage, prostate milking, strap-on, annalingus

  I love giving and receiving anal pleasure!  Anal and prostate massage are some of my specialties.

As a Las Vegas escort I know what I offer is unique.  I have hundreds of hours of experience with anal massage, prostate massage (aka prostate milking) which is an option to include during a full body sensual massage (aka FBSM).  During massage with the works sessions (aka full service, GFE) I love putting on a strap-on and using it as a prosthetic dick to make love to your asshole (aka pegging).  Some people enjoy it because of the sensations, others because of the power exchange.  I also always make sure to give some attention to the anus when I’m giving a great blowjob (cock worship).  I know there is nothing like the feeling of a tongue on your rosebud!

While I am generally on the giving side of anal pleasure I do enjoy receiving pleasure as well.  Butt/ass worship and face sitting are the best!

Let me know if you want to celebrate Anal August with me.  Text to schedule 7022361975

Nikki Ivana, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Dominatrix, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish Friendly

July Is My 10 Year Anniversary As The Las Vegas Masseuse!!!

(702) 236-1975, 7022361975, Las Vegas, las vegas bareback blowjob, las vegas bbbj, las vegas bbw escort, las vegas cim, las vegas DFK, Las Vegas facesitting, Las Vegas Masseuse, las vegas red head escort, Las Vegas Sensual Massage It is amazing and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of people to help them experience relaxation and stimulation in such amazing ways.  I remember when I started giving massages 10 years ago and how nervous I was.  I got over that very quickly when I realized how much relief and pleasure I was able to bring to my clients.  I remember the first time I got a request to give a massage to someone in his office after hours and I went and bought my first massage table.  Then, about a year and a half into giving FBSM I expanded my offerings to include more intimate and kinky experiences…  More nudity, full service, BDSM, strap-on play – whenever someone requested something that I had never done before I researched it and learned how to do it so I could provide the experience they were looking for.

So many firsts!  And now I get turned on giving other people their “firsts”.  I love it when I give someone their first prostate massage or they experience cock worship for their first time.  I am so confident in my skills that I’m able to put people at ease if they are nervous and my clients trust me in the most intimate of ways.

I will be putting up a new video check in soon.  I am starting a new youtube channel because my last one was too lascivious and got removed LOL.  I’ll have to be more careful with this new one.  I’m just hoping I have some of my better videos still on my computer.

In the meantime – please text me at 7022361975 if you are in Las Vegas and looking for a Las Vegas Escort, Las Vegas GFE, Las Vegas Masseuse or a Las Vegas Dominatrix so that you can experience tantra massage, sensual massage, prostate massage, prostate milking, cock worship, face sitting, annalingus, strap-on play and more.

Fat Sex – All Body Types Accepted

I want to talk about something that is known as fat sex. There are many times that I am contacted by someone and they tell me in advance that they weigh a certain number of pounds and they’re worried I won’t want to see them and they want to make sure that it is okay with me. I have heard stories about people being turned down as clients because of their size. I don’t understand this thinking on the part of the provider. I as a provider I’m here to provide a service. I never do anything I don’t want to do. I feel that there is something erotic in a person if they are calling me. It is up to me to find that erotic part and enjoy it with them. In a recent session my client was a large man and I am plus sized myself. Sometimes that can make traditional penis in vagina sex a little challenging. The thing is, I actually don’t have a lot of penis in vagina sex with my clients anyways. Most of my clients are interested in specialty experiences. For example – cock worship, anilingus, prostate massage, squirting or other fetish and play.


No matter what your shape or look, text me at 702231975 if you are looking for a Las Vegas escort / companion who is BBW / plus size / red-head / mature / open-minded / fetish friendly and we can have session / GFE that could include a variety of activities including but not limited to blow job, cock worship, anilingus, prostate massage, squirting and role play.

Vlog #2 How and why I verify clients as an escort in Las Vegas

Originally there was a video here and the following was a transcript from it.  Unfortunately youtube deleted my account and I lost the video:/

hi Nikki the Las Vegas Masseuse here and I wanted to shoot
another blog for you and tonight I want
to talk about verification for Las Vegas Escorts. so I have
really relaxed verification requirements
compared to a lot of Las Vegas Escorts. a lot of
times I will just ask for your hotel
information so that I can call through
the hotel operator and I do this because
it gives me another way to reach you and
it helps me to know that you’re there
and that you have some skin in the game
too you’re able to know everything about
me just by clicking a few buttons on my
Las Vegas Escort
website and I need to know enough about
you that I’m confident to come and see
you so some people don’t really
understand why this is and it’s not even
so much about legal issues I mean of
course that plays a part but honestly
it’s for events that happen like this
morning when I got called out to do an in room massage
appointment and the gentleman was able
to convince me that he actually was
there and just like some of the
reasoning that he gave me and sent me a
picture from this hotel room so the
room was in someone else’s name and I
had a pretty good rapport with him we
talked on the phone so I felt okay about
it so I went ahead even though it was
against my protocol and I went to his
hotel room and sometimes once in a blue
moon I will take a gamble like that if I
don’t have other commitments happening
and lo and behold I don’t know what
happened to him we were texting it was
getting later and later and I was like I
gotta go I wasted an hour and a half of
my time getting ready going over there
and that’s it’s extremely frustrating
and disappointing like I really enjoy
being a Las Vegas Masseuse, Escort and Dominatrix
and I have to be in the right
mindset so a lot of times like when I’m
getting ready to go to a session I’m
gearing up I’m getting into the right
mindset I’m getting into the right place
energetically I don’t fake it when I do a GFE
when I’m with you and to get all of that
rolling and then show up and not have it
happen it’s a huge letdown so not only
is it like the waste of time the loss of
income it’s also energetically and yeah
emotionally like a huge letdown
so in order to protect myself from that
I have to be doing sticking to my
protocol even this even if it does feel
like I could take a gamble and come see
you without all of it I have to stick
with it and it’s for reasons exactly
like what happened this morning so if
you have any questions about Las Vegas escorts
asking you for information go ahead and
and you know either comment on my video
or send me an email

You can also text or call me at 702.236.1975