Las Vegas Masseuse March Check In


Hello, Nikki the Las Vegas Masseuse here, doing a quick check in.  I wanted to show off a new bra and panties that I got.

I’ve been having a lot of fun doing sessions.  February was a very fun month – it was all about blowjobs for fellatio february.  Now for the month of march I’m preparing for April which is Anal April and part of that is part of that is working on my own anus.  Some of you who have been following me for a long time know that last year I had a surgery on my butthole – no it was not anal sex related – it was something… it was nothing I did – through no cause of my own.

I had 2 surgeries, one in August of 2017 and one in February of 2018 and ever since then I haven’t been able to have anal sex.  Well, ok, I have had it a couple of times but it takes a lot of warming up and it has to be exactly the right day and the planets need to be aligned so that everything can work and feel good and I generally don’t do it on appointments because I don’t feel like I can promise what I’ll be able to do during that session.  So I’m doing a castor oil protocol where I’m warming it with castor oil and that cures scar tissue so hopefully by the time April comes around for anal April I’ll be able to have some anal sex again.  That would be so awesome.

I just went to a retreat.  I practice orgasmic meditation and this retreat was a whole weekend all about orgasmic meditation and slowing down and feeling sensation and being present and it was such a good thing to take a break, relax and recharge and I’m so grateful that when people come to Las Vegas I get to be that break for them and that relax and recharge for them so if you are one of those people planning on coming to las vegas and you are looking for ways to relax and recharge then I am definitely your girl whether anal is your thing or not whether blow jobs are your thing or not, there’s plenty of ways that we can play and explore and make each other feel really good.

Alright please do send me an email if you have any questions or if you are trying to schedule your itinerary so we can definitely reserve the time.




Please do let me know if you are in Las Vegas or coming to Las Vegas and would like to experience a full body sensual massage (FBSM), a girlfriend experience (GFE), receive oral from me (bbbj), or cock worship. We can go super slow and sensual using tantric massage techniques. I can come to you (outcall, in room massage) or you can come to me (incall).

Please take a moment to look at all of my offerings at

Make it a sexy day!
Nikki The Las Vegas Masseuse
7022361975 (text is best – at least at first)



Las Vegas Masseuse now doing webcam shows!

Nikki Ivana, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975Hi!  Happy September everyone:)  I’m very happy summer is ending and the temperatures here in Las Vegas are going down a little bit.

I started a new project a couple of weeks ago – webcamming!  I’m excited for a few reasons –

  • I’ll have more content for my coaching site
  • I’m getting to do it with my boyfriend and that’s lots of fun (I’ve tried webcamming before and did not love it)
  • It’ll be another great way for us to stay connected!  You can ‘follow’ me on chaturbate at by clicking here.

It’s a cool opportunity for me to show off some of my skills:

  • cock massage
  • cock worship
  • anal massage
  • squirting
  • and other things…

Right now we are going ‘on air’ a couple times a week.  Sessions always take priority so it’s not super consistent.  We are putting up recordings of our show though  so if you are curious you could click here to check it out.  Right now there is a clip of me getting spanked (even though in my sessions I’m the one usually doing the spanking LOL)

A Note About Verification

I love meeting with new friends, however, I do need to put safety and efficiency first.  Here is the process for scheduling a session with me:

1.  Text me at 7022361975 or email me at and let me know

2.  I will need to verify who you are.  This is most easily done by getting a reference from a previous provider.

If for some reason you do not have a reference the next best thing is a deposit.  Putting down a deposit could also save you some money.  Click here to see my early booking incentives for full service sessions.  I can take deposits with venmo, cashapp, or zelle.

Additionally, I will need your room number and the name you are registered under so I can call and verify you through the hotel operator.  This is a requirement for all in room appointments (in room massage, in room entertainment, aka outcall).

If you are coming to me or you are a local I will want to either message with you on facebook and/or meet you at a coffee shop or bar before our session.

We all need to be very careful.  I am as transparent as I can be.  I understand that your privacy and discretion is invaluable.  So is my safety.  Please understand that if you cannot be verified then I will not be able to meet with you.