Slowly Kissing, Licking And Sucking Pussy

While I was on my knees sucking his cock T stood up and started walking over as she stripped off her clothes. He stood up and when she got to him they began to kiss as she helped him take his clothes off. I stayed on his cock for awhile but her pussy was right there in front of me and it wasn’t too long before I took my mouth off his cock and began to apply it to her pussy.

He walked around and stood behind her kissing and lightly biting her neck and reaching around to play with her breasts. I stayed on my knees as he maneuvered her directly in front of me. I approached her pussy slowly. I peppered her upper thighs and mons with soft quick kisses as I inhaled deeply through my nose smelling her sweet scent and exhaling through my mouth letting her feel my warm moist breath on her pussy lips. As I got closer and closer to the point where her pussy lips met she tilted her hips so I could have better access. I began with kissing and quickly switched to licking, working my way from the outside in, covering every bit of her with saliva until I got deep enough into her lips – around her clit and entroitus – that I met her moisture and was able to lick it into my mouth and taste it. I alternated my stimulation between slow and fast, soft and hard, shallow and deep, licking and sucking, direct to the clit and everywhere but the clit.

All the while he was behind her, stimulating the top half of her body. His cock pressed into her buttocks. He slid his hand down in between her legs to access her pussy from behind. It was a bit challenging because of the angle so we decided to move to the bed.

To be continued…

My friend T

Update on Nikki’s life


Wow fall is almost over and the holidays are around the corner.  Life has been very full.  I want to thank you who have met with me over the last few months even though I haven’t updated recently.

I’ve been elbow deep learning about Orgasmic Meditation and Desire Based life coaching.  This has given me incredible tools to bring to my sessions.  My friends and I have had more connected and stimulating sensations than ever before.  I’ve been putting into practice sensation focus and slow sex and the results have been unbelievable – for both of us (or all 3 of us when I meet with a couple).

I’ve also been hosting a variety of classes – Self Pleasure Events, Male Erotic Massage, Vulva+ Massage and The Art Of Anal Pleasure.  I’ve also been keeping up as much as possible on my video website

On a personal note – I’ve been experiencing a lot of changes.  As some of you know, my husband and I have been married over 10 years and started swinging about 4 years in.  In the spring of 2013 we decided to “open up” and become polyamorous.  It’s been quite an adventure and a wild ride.  I was in a serious relationship with a boy for 9 or 10 months.  That was definitely a distraction from blogging.  We broke up about 3 months ago and I’ve been processing it and releasing it.  I’ve learned so much and experienced so much that while the growing pains have been horrible the growth has been amazing.

All that brings us up to today.  I’m working on attracting the perfect people to work with me on all my different projects.  It’s super exciting!  Once I have some of those things off my plate I will have more time for creative writing as well.  I have 3 months left in my program to become a certified Orgasmic Meditation Trainer and Life Coach.  Hubby and daughter are doing well.  Things are good:)

Also – I got my hair done and my first tattoos!

IMG_6740 IMG_6741 IMG_6750 IMG_6751 IMG_6755 IMG_6759 IMG_6761 mms_img-1308072680 Las Vegas Masseuse

Pussy Massage

My best session this week – I have a friend who I’ve seen several times.  This time he brought his lover from his home town with him.  She was a beautiful, blonde, blue eyed, curvy woman.  We had a fantastic time playing with him as planned.  Then I expanded both their minds as I used my mouth and fingers to bring her to an intense climax before his very eyes!  Neither one of them were expecting that hahaha!

I’m so grateful that my friends are proud to introduce me to their partners to have hot threesome fun.  I truly enjoy couples massage!


In May I had the opportunity to record a couple of Vulva Massage Classes and I’m super excited to share the clips with you as I get them edited.  All of these clips and more are on  Once you purchase them you will have to make a user account in order to view them.

Here are the clips I have up so far:

I am looking to create more content for my website.  If you are interested in filming our session let me know.  All my models are volunteer – they pay my rate for my session and donate the footage to my site.  As a thank you I give all models full access to for the life of the site.

Special consideration on rates may be given to women and black men as those are the most requested videos and the footage I need the most.

Spring Is In The Air

Nikki Ivana 7022361975I feel many different forms of love and spring time makes them all more vivid.  I love you as a human being and as a lover.  I enjoy bringing a certain amount of tenderness with me to our time together – vulnerability that matches yours and allows for a deeper more intimate connection.

Of course I love all the pleasurable sensations you give me – kissing me and licking me all over, pressing your hardness into my softness – and the sensation I feel coming off your body in waves as I touch you in a hundred different ways building for an intense climax – possibly the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had.


Sensitive Sex | Tight Foreskin | Xmas Present For Wife

I love taking time with you.  With your cock.  To feel it completely – with my hands, my mouth, my pussy.  I like to go slow so you can feel every inch of me, feel the tension building, feel the penetration.  For the time that we are together I open to you – my arms, my mouth, my legs, and my heart.  I enjoy playing with you and letting you play with me.  Play we can only do in bed or on the massage table.  Sometimes play in ways we hate to love.  Exposing ourselves to each other.  Doing things together that many people wouldn’t understand.  The more vulnerable we become with each other the more intense it gets.  We explore and experiment and do new things.  Cherries popped, we near climax, and it’s hot and sweaty and messy and sticky.  We cum, clean up, and cuddle a bit before returning to reality.

I had two amazing clients this week.  One I was able to help with a foreskin issue.  He had so much fun he had me come back with Telly for another session.  We played with the head of his dick by sticking our tongues into the small opening of his foreskin and gently tonguing the super sensitive never before been exposed glans of his penis.  We licked each other in every combination possible.  We shared 3 way kisses and that is what brought me to the edge – playing with my own pussy and sharing a 3 way french kiss with the 2 of them.  When I was ready to explode Telly moved down to suck on his cock and I put my pussy on his mouth and came all over his face.  A few moments later I hear him asking where did it go?  He had cum – and Telly had swallowed it!  So intense!

My second amazing client of the week was actually a couple.  We met at the bar where I “picked her up”.  We chatted, flirted heavily, and they invited me to their room.  I did a sweet strip tease and they were kind enough to take some pictures of me in my new bra, panties and boots.  I was an early Christmas present for her.  He sat and watched as I massaged her from head to toe taking extra time to lick her sexy asshole and finger her pussy.  When she was on her back I put gloves on and penetrated her asshole nice and slow with one hand while I opened up her pussy with the other.  Using lots of lube and slow consistent penetration I gave her all she could take.  She rolled through peak after peak with me deep inside her.  We paused for a moment letting the pleasure wash over her.  When the time was right I began again this time pulling toward me with two fingers on her g-spot.  She squirted out her cum again and again shooting ejaculate at me with enough force to reach my belly (she said it was a first for her to get some projection – before then it had only been gushes).  Finally she could take no more and we rested and cleaned up before I massaged him.

I am so grateful for my skills and techniques that seem to come so intuitively and that I have the opportunity to practice them often:)

New Pics!

Nikki Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort Nikki Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort Nikki Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort Nikki Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort







Seeing Couples On Vacation

I have been having the most fun working with couples!  I am so honored to have been several women’s first same sex experience.  I feel the depth of the trust and courage that it takes for these ladies to finally fulfill their deep desire.  I’m proud of their men who are so supportive and open minded that they give their lady space to have a new experience.  And to facilitate the couple’s first threesome – so hot!

I so enjoy giving the pleasure and the spouse who is watching starts learning the moves I’m doing.  I like watching the spouse watch me as I do things to their honey that no one else has done to them in who knows how long.  Here are some of the things I have shared during sessions:

  • How to help her enjoy anal penetration
  • How to find her g-spot
  • How to give a better blow job
  • How to incorporate power exchange (Dominant and submissive)
  • How to find his prostate
  • How to massage his cock
  • Tease and denial for him

I’m going out of town myself this weekend and I definitely will be scheduling some sexy fun time into our trip.  I normally don’t plan for it and it doesn’t always happen… but this time we are going just the 2 of us – no kid:)

I’m doing a survey for my Saturday night radio show “Between The Sheets”.  If you’re interested in participating anonymously please click the link.  Don’t forget to fill in the email and receive a thank you gift:)

Stay Sexy,


Couples Sex Exploration And Experience

Or as I like to say “Sexploration & Sexperience”

Today was very successful for my couple. They were only in town for 2 days so we did a 5 hour intensive.

The outcome was

  • Lots of communication gaps were filled in and we discussed different personality/communication styles. I recommended the book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman to her. Since he is an entrepreneur and is more familiar with personality types I recommended he review the DISC personality types – Him being a high DI and her being a full S and take the responsibility of applying what he knows about that kind of thing to this relationship. Here are some books about the DISC behavioral model you can check out.
  • She was able to overcome (or begin to overcome) her negative beliefs. We talked about how she gets to choose what to believe and how if something is making her feel bad she can choose to change it and feel better about it. We talked about how to do that. I walked through that process myself with my mentor Shelby Collinge. Yes, fear and shame can be paralyzing. Walking through it and finding the freedom and truth inside is a-freakin-mazing!
  • He learned the basics of massage and sensual massage. You can see my videos about that here. More will be coming soon.
  • We found her g-spot. Yes, after 20+ years of marriage they were both unsure of the exact location. I think her orgasms will be going to the next level now!
  • We covered some basic bondage techniques. I showed him a chest harness and told him to look up to learn more about erotic rope bondage and to get a starter kit. Then we played with clothes pins and clamps;)
  • He improved his spanking technique – there is a way to do it that stimulates the entire groin!
  • They learned how to make anal sex enjoyable. I taught them the techniques I use in this video.
  • My male partner came about half way through the session and we were did some demonstration and he shared his experience about his sexual growth.
  • We developed a plan to keep the communication and kink going once they get home:)

I am so grateful and honored to have had this experience with them. I let them know they could email me if they had any follow up questions and if they liked my style of working with them and they wanted ongoing mentoring I would love to work with them via phone and email for a reasonable fee.

If you are interested in a 5 hour intensive please contact me.

email: [email protected]

Newlyweds Massage Was Sooooo Fun!

I am so proud of this couple for already being so far along in their sexual journey! And the hotness factor was through the roof!

They were a good looking well educated couple. They’d tried some things before but I was going to be her first girl. I consider that a huge honor! That they trust me enough – and I feel it’s a responsibility as well because I get plenty of clients that had their ‘first’ with someone who hurt them or made it uncomfortable and then their turned of it forever. Or until they meet me I guess:)

She had the prettiest body and I gave her a good firm relaxing massage first. When she turned onto her back I teased her by breathing hot and heavy on each nipple and by telling her to lay still while I slowly licked her lips. Then I told her to stick out her tongue and I licked that until I wanted to kiss her and I sealed my mouth onto hers. The entire time her hubby was sitting there watching thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. I moved down and massaged her upper thighs and brought my face down to her mons. I kissed around the whole area with my lips closed. Then I let her feel my hot breath and we both got hot with the sound of my heavy breathing and my face right in from of her pretty pussy. I started to lick the outer lips just barely dipping my tongue inside to test her taste and wetness. She tasted good! And she was super wet. I ran my tongue over her clit and it was fully engorged, hard like a mini penis. I put my hands on her and pulled her pussy lips apart and began swirling my tongue around and around her clit mixing in some up and down strokes at times. I began to lick a longer and longer trail on the down licks and I told her to lift her knees so I could lick down to her tight little asshole. I ran my tongue and face several times from the top of her slit to her asshole. Then I repositioned a bit and put my right middle finger in her tight wet pussy. With my left hand I pulled up on her pussy lips and I licked her clit up and down while finger fucking her until she wouldn’t let me anymore. She said she had cum…

Then it was hubby’s turn. Again I began with his back. Then I moved to his glutes eventually dipping my fingers into the crack between his ass cheeks. I don’t know if he’s ever been touched there before! He really liked it and squirmed all over. I had him get up on his knees and elbows. That’s when I started licking him! I licked his ass and his nut sack and the tip of his dick from behind. He was going pretty wild. The whole time his pretty wife sat and watched with the biggest grin on her face. I decided to push the line a little bit since he was enjoying the anal stimulation so much. I penetrated his ass with a finger but it was just too much for him at that point so I backed off and had him turn over.

One thing that was pretty amazing is that he had an extremely large cock and her pussy was very snug on my finger. I was really impressed by both of them for that:) I massaged his upper thighs and directly began touching his groin area, massaging his perineum, balls, cock and pubic bone area. I pulled his balls away from his body and licked all over them using lots of spit. At this point the wife came over and started kissing him. Then I got down between his thighs and began to work on that cock. I grabbed it at the base forcing the head to become rock hard while I licked and sucked it. I alternating between stroking it with my hands and my mouth. I noticed that his wife was playing with herself and I reached a hand up so I could touch her pretty breast while I sucked on her husband. Then I wanted to finger her but I couldn’t reach so I asked her to move side by side with her husband. She did. Now they were laying on their backs side by side and I was sucking his cock and working it with my left hand and I put two fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her. I developed a bit of a rythm and that is how she came HARD. That is the kind of orgasm I love – when I can feel the pussy muscles clenching around my fingers and she is moaning and fucking my fingers back! The whole time I didn’t stop working on his cock and as soon as she was done with the most intense part of her orgasm he began cumming and cumming and cumming! Oh it was so good and intense for both of them.

Ah young love. And now I must go and masturbate since I am totally hot after remembering that whole event!

Couples Massage Has Been Really Popular!

Eadweard Muybridge's phenakistoscope "A C...

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Hi all!

Things have been really picking up for me since I moved into my new studio apartment and have been able to provide incall services. I have gone out a couple times but mostly I’ve had some really awesome people coming to see me. As for couples massages, I have been getting a ton of calls! I love it. I made a new vision board and I put a bunch of happy smiling faces of couples on it because I LOVE working with couples. I even have an appointment coming up with a gent and his wife that he doesn’t know if she wants it to be sensual or not so I get to feel her out to see if she’ll let me feel her up hahahaha. Really, what a treat! I can’t wait to see how it goes.

Business is booming and I am looking for all kinds of help so if you or anyone you know would like to volunteer/work with me here are some of the things I’m looking for:

  • An article writer: I have a lot of content I share in my videos and audios. I would love that content to be repurposed for use on my blogs and article directories.
  • Online Business Management: I am losing track of all my emails and different projects. I could use someone to help me manage all of that.
  • Various other things that can only be done by locals so email me privately if you are interested in those.

Meanwhile, I had a very fun day today:) I took some naught pictures with my girlfriend. Click here to see a sampling of them. If you want to see the naughty ones they are for sale… all 38 pics for $40. I take credit cards and paypal. All transactions show up as LV Consulting.

Have a sexy day,


Beginning the Couples Massage

Human body, upper part, front. Adapted for use...

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One piece I forgot to mention in my last post…how I got topless!

I am naturally an exhibitionist. As a female I have gone from one extreme to the other with body image issues. I have been big and I have been skinny. Society says skinny is better. I think it is healthier. Right now I am big. When I first started gaining I was really worried about showing my body. But what I found is there are plenty of people that still like and want my body at this larger size! So I go with it and have a ton of fun. My favorite part about being bigger is that I have c cup boobs! At my thinnest they go down to a cups:(

When I walked into the room from the bathroom and M was on the table I asked if they wanted to watch me take my top off. They said of course. R had told me he was a total boob man. So I did a fun/ny strip tease dance with the big reveal at the end. I like to strip and be admired!

We got the massage started. What is really cool is I don’t just give a body rub. I actually use my intuition and experience to massage your muscles, relaxing them and moving the energy around. I don’t rub on your bones. I rub the meat. As hard as you want. The harder you want it I move from using my hands to using my fists and knuckles to using my fore arms and elbows. I am able to get to the tight knots in the crick of the neck! I am also very accomodating – in a split second if I sense or you tell me that I am putting on too much pressure I am able to correct. I don’t stop what I’m doing, I just correct the pressure and keep going.

The fun thing about doing this topless is that a few times while massaging your back I will lay down against your back stretching my arms out and gently caressing your booty. I also like the feeling of my nipples against the back of your head as I massage your upper back with my fore arms in large strong circles.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value